Namaste, Every Friday we host a puja to one of the Divine Mother's many aspects, meditations based on Kriya Yoga Practices, and Yoga Nidra Sessions. You are invited to join us at our temple in-person or watch out live YouTube broadcast. We are set up on YouTube for live broadcast, and our programs are very easy to access. At the time of the broadcast (7:00 PM), simply go to YouTube via your web browser. In the search bar type the name of my channel, Tridevi Chamunda Mandir With Yamajit and click Search. Our channel will be the first item on the list which appears on the screen. Clicking on this first item will give you access to the broadcast and all other posted videos. The live broadcast will also have a live chat feature. All live broadcasts will also be recorded and posted and you are welcome to access them at any time. If you have a home altar, I invite you to follow along with the broadcast, and perform your own personal puja as the broadcast is playing.

  • Category: Friday Night Puja and Satsang
  • Duration: 01:45 Hours
  • Address: 1260 South Xavier Street, Denver, CO, USA (Map)




7:00-9:00 PM Each Friday Night


Broadcasted live on YouTube. The Pujas begin promptly at 7:00 PM.


12/4/2020 -Kriya Yoga Sadhana and Devi Puja.

12/11/2020 -Fire Puja to the Ten Mahavidya Goddesses.

12/18/2020 – Yoga Nidra Meditation and Devi Puja.

12/25/2020 -No Puja. Happy Holidays.

1/1/2021 – New Year’s Puja to Lord Ganesh!